9 Steps To Follow in Buying A Property (Home, House Or Land) In Kenya.

9 Steps To Follow in Buying A Property (Home, House Or Land) In Kenya.

9 Steps to follow when you buy a property (home, house or land) in Kenya.

9 Steps To Follow in Buying A Property (Home, House Or Land) In Kenya.
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Buying a property or real estate is the single largest and most expensive that any family or individual will make in their life. The reasons, why to buy or invest in a real estate property are many. Undoubtedly when done right, – a property purchase is a solid step towards creating and preserving wealth.

WE ADVICE that at each stage involve and consult qualified and licensed professionals.

Generally and in very simple terms here are the 9 broad steps to follow when you buy real estate or a property.

  1. Firstly, PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE. This is the most important stage.
    1. Determine what you can afford.
    2. Prepare a budget
    3. Research and prepared a checklist of the area, type of property and features you want.
  2. Secondly, will you buy using a loan? 
    1. If so, now will be a good time to check your credit rating. 
    2. Your rating and credit quality will determine how much of a loan you can get, service and use to buy a property. 
  3. Get pre-qualified and pre-approved for a loan by your preferred lender or bank
  4. Research. FIND and ENGAGE the services of professionals that may include a Real Estate Agent, Lawyer, Mortgage Broker, Home inspectors, etc, How to choose an Agent
  5. SEARCH Properties – start your property search, see properties, and FIND YOUR DREAM HOME or property.
  6. Make a CONDITIONAL OFFER and pay the downpayment/commitment. 9 Steps To Follow in Buying A Property (Home, House Or Land) In Kenya.
    1. The Conditions that your lawyer will put really will depend on your situation and may include 
      • FINANCING- You getting finance through a loan/mortgage,
      • PAYMENT Mode and frequency (installments) including the downpayment. 
      • TITLE SEARCH-Your lawyer to conduct and get a satisfactory report of the title deed to the property,
      • HOME INSPECTION – The new home passing a home inspection etc
  7. Fulfill the conditions in 6 above to make your offer a “ FIRM OFFER”
  8. Ensure the property is transferred to you so as to “CLOSE THE DEAL”
  9. Lastly, move into your new DREAM HOME or Farm.

To ensure that you make the right decision, be diligent and careful, and follow the 9 steps in buying a property.

This way you will avoid the pitfalls of a bad decision that may include agony, financial ruin and the loss of your hard-earned savings and money.

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